HEADER RECORD*******LIBRARY HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000 SAS SAS SASLIB 9.4 Linux 07DEC21:22:31:4607DEC21:22:31:46 HEADER RECORD*******MEMBER HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000001600000000140 HEADER RECORD*******DSCRPTR HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000 SAS MO SASDATA 9.4 Linux 07DEC21:22:31:4607DEC21:22:31:46 Morphology HEADER RECORD*******NAMESTR HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000001800000000000000000000 STUDYID Study Identifier DOMAIN Domain Abbreviation USUBJID Unique Subject Identifier MOSEQ Sequence Number MOTESTCDTest or Examination Short Name (MOTEST Test or Examination Name ,,MOCAT Category for Test :MOORRES Result or Finding in Original Units f MOSTRESCCharacter Result/Finding in Std Format l MOSTAT Completion Status r MOLOC Location Used for Measurement s MOMETHODMethod of Procedure Test x MOBLFL Baseline Flag }VISITNUMVisit Number ~VISIT Visit Name EPOCH Epoch  MODTC Date/Time of Test MODY Study Day of Test HEADER RECORD*******OBS HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000 C4591001MOC4591001 1005 10051444I7`INTPInterpretationCLINICAL ASSESSMENT OF RADIOGRAPHS - IMAGINGNORMALNORMAL CHESTX-RAY ACOVID_A OPEN LABEL FOLLOW-UP2021-07-29BC4591001MOC4591001 1007 10071521I7`INTPInterpretationCLINICAL ASSESSMENT OF RADIOGRAPHS - IMAGINGNORMALNORMAL CHESTX-RAY A COVID_B REPEAT SCREENING 1 2021-06-14BC4591001MOC4591001 1223 12231273I7`INTPInterpretationCLINICAL ASSESSMENT OF RADIOGRAPHS - IMAGINGNORMALNORMAL CHESTMRI ACOVID_A OPEN LABEL TREATMENT2021-06-14B