HEADER RECORD*******LIBRARY HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000 SAS SAS SASLIB 9.4 Linux 31MAR21:12:06:0831MAR21:12:06:08 HEADER RECORD*******MEMBER HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000001600000000140 HEADER RECORD*******DSCRPTR HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000 SAS SUPPMO SASDATA 9.4 Linux 31MAR21:12:06:0831MAR21:12:06:08 Supplemental Qualifiers for MO HEADER RECORD*******NAMESTR HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000001000000000000000000000 STUDYID Study Identifier RDOMAIN Related Domain Abbreviation USUBJID Unique Subject Identifier IDVAR Identifying Variable  IDVARVALIdentifying Variable Value %QNAM Qualifier Variable Name 0QLABEL Qualifier Variable Label 8QVAL Data Value U QORIG Origin  QEVAL Evaluator  HEADER RECORD*******OBS HEADER RECORD!!!!!!!000000000000000000000000000000 C4591001MOC4591001 1001 10011108MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail inverted papiloma CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1003 10031113MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail increased retrocardiac airspace opacity of left lower zone, concerning for pneumonia. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1003 10031167MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail atelectasis of left lower lobe verses pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1003 10031167MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1005 10051186MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail LUNG INFECTION CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1005 10051293MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral perihilar airspace & interstitial opacities -possible pulmonary edema vs. infection CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1007 10071306MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Patchy left bibasilar airspace disease consistent with pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1007 10071306MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail left lower lobe pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1008 10081130MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail infiltrate posterior aspect left lower lobe, no acute pulmonary embolism CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1008 10081285MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail FINAL RESULT PENDING, WILL UPDATE ONCE RECORD RECEIVED CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1008 10081285MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail NO FILLING DEFECTS RIGHT LOWER EXTREMITY, FILLING DEFECTS CONSISTENT WITH DVT IN ONE OF THE LEFT ANTERIOR TIBIAL VEINS CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1008 10081285MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailBILATERAL LOWER EXTREMITIES CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1008 10081285MOSEQ15000000002METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail VENOUS DOPPLER CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1008 10081285MOSEQ15000000003METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail TRANSTHORACIC ECHO CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1015 10151238MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1027 10271191MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail No CT evidence of large or central pulmonary artery embolus.Multifocal Pneumonia.Left Upper Lobe and right hilar/suprahilar postradiation changes noted.Emphysema CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1037 10371052MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail MULTPLE NODULES LESS THAN 6 MM IN SIZE CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1038 10381051MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pneumonia due to COVID-19 virus:Lung opacities most noticeable in the Right Upper Lobe CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1039 10391072MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail LLL infiltrate CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1046 10461175MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pneumonia compatible with CoVid19 CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1047 10471224MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail nonspecific mild diffuse interstitial prominence CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1047 10471252MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Lungs: Multifocal ground glass opacities scattered throughout the lungs bilaterally. No Pleura effusions. Extensive coronary atherosclerotic classifications. Normal thickness of the Pericardium. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1054 10541202MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pneumonia consistent with COVID illness CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1054 10541202MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pneumonia consistent of COVID illness CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Impression: Bilateral patchy and linear opacities. This is limited in evaluation but differential includes scar, atelectatisis versus infectious/inflammatory process or edema. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000001METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail CT Angiography CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Sinus tachycardia, incomplete right bundle branch block, probably left atrial enlargement, inferior infarct, old. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000002METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail EKG CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Impression: bilateral mid to lower lung airspace opacities differential includes atelectasis versus pneumonia. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000004METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail ECHO CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000005LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailGastrointestinal CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000005METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail EGD CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000006ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Impression: Stable bilateral airspace opacities. Small bilateral pleural effusions. No pneumothorax. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1057 10571052MOSEQ15000000007METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail Stress EKG CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1072 10721037MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral airspace disease, most compatible with multifocal pneumonia. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1072 10721037MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail moderate mixed groundglass and airspace opacities consistent with a COVID pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1080 10801045MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1081 10811096MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail 2mm right ureteral stone causing mild right hydroureteronephrosis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1081 10811096MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen/pelvis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1081 10811110MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Right lower lobe pneumonia with pleural effusion CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1084 10841470MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral multifocal viral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1087 10871150MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Confirmed right tonsillar abscess that was draining. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1087 10871150MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailCervical Soft Tissues CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1094 10941112MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Extensive ground glass pulmonary opacities in the visualize lungs consistent with the given history of covid-19 infection CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1094 10941112MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen w/pelvis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1094 10941112MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1094 10941112MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail severe viral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1094 10941112MOSEQ15000000004ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail mildly improved opacities in the lower lobes; no definite pneumothorax CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1094 10941112MOSEQ15000000005ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail resolution of the right pneumothorax and decrease in size of the trace left apical pneumothorax CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1097 10971011MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Left upper Lobe pneumonia, CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1097 10971017MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Left upper lobe infiltrate. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1098 10981024MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail New bilateral basilar infiltrates. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1098 10981024MOSEQ15000000002METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail echo CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1107 11071031MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail INFLAMMATORY CHANGES IN THE RIGHT COLON CONSISTENT WITH COLITIS CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1107 11071031MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailABDOMEN/PELVIS CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1107 11071048MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail MRI SHOWED SINUSITIS CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1109 11091415MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Hazy right basilar opacities which may reflect atelectasis versus atypical/viral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1111 11111096MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Features of obstructive airways disease without acute airspace disease. Sequelae of prior asbestos exposure. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1114 11141075MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Pulmonary findings consistent with COVID-19 pneumonia of moderate severity. Developing bacterial superinfection in the lower lobes cannot be excluded. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1116 11161224MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdominal CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1126 11261025MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail There is presence of multiple non obstructing renal stones measuring up to 7mm in the mid and lower pole of the tight kidney. Punctate 2mm non obstructing stone in the lower pole of the left kidney. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1126 11261025MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen and Pelvis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1126 11261025MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail There are 2 calcifications in the interlopar region of the right kidney largest measuring 8mm in size and stable in position from previous CT dated 29, Oct 2020 CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1126 11261025MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen Supine CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1126 11261137MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail NO ACUTE FRACTURE OR DISLOCAITON. MODERATE DEGENERATIVE CHANGES. OSTEOPENIA. LEFT HIP PROTHESIS. LOWER LUMBAR FUSION. SI JOINTS ARE NORMAL CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1126 11261137MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailRIGHT HIP AND PELVIS CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1126 11261146MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail There are patchy densities at the lung bases, left greater than right suspicious for infiltrate/pneumonia. Associated left pleural effusion CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1128 11281296MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailLEFT WRIST CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1128 11281296MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailPELVIS CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1128 11281296MOSEQ15000000003LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailSPINE CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1128 11281296MOSEQ15000000005LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailRIGHT SHOULDER CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1129 11291127MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail See form comment CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1129 11291127MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen/pelvis w/c CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1129 11291127MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pancreatic ductal dilation. Calculus in the pancreatic duct measures 7 mm. No biliary dilatation. Colonic diverticulosis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1129 11291127MOSEQ15000000003LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdominal CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1129 11291127MOSEQ15000000003METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail MRCP CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1131 11311151MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Mild cardiomegaly. Mild vascular congestion and interstitial edema is questioned. No focal lung consolidation, pleural fluid or pneumothorax. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1131 11311151MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail No acute intracranial process. Mild atrophy and chronic small vessel ischemic changes. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1135 11351368MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail multilevel disc herniation CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1135 11351368MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailcervical thoracic lumbar spine CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1146 11461152MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Worsening opacification in the right upper lung with history of right upper lobectomy. Findings are concerning for pneumonia.No acute osseous abnormality. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1146 11461152MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Consolidation with air bronchograms, within the right middle lobe which is suggestive of atelectasis versus pneumonia. Few peripheral areas of groundglass within the left upper lobe. No Effusion CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1146 11461235MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Right lower lobe pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1146 11461302MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral patch interstitial and ground-glass infiltrates. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1147 11471230MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Patchy infiltrates bilateral bases of lung, no CM CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1149 11491313MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailNeck CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1152 11521327MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailColon CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1152 11521327MOSEQ15000000001METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail Colonoscopy CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1156 11561006MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Patchy peripheral opacities are seen bilaterally likely reflecting an infectious process. Given the HX, is most likely covid infection. A concomitant/superimposed infectious process is possible. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1156 11561006MOSEQ15000000001METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail CTA CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1156 11561044MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bibasilar diffuse mixed infiltrates. No focal infiltrates, effusions or pneumothoraces. Mild overinflation, chronic appearing diffuse interstitial prominence. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1156 11561044MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bibasilar mixed infiltrates, greater to the LEFT. Mild overinflation mild, chronic appearing diffuse interstitial prominence. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1156 11561044MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Scattered alveolar interstitial changes are seen in the perihilar region and at the lung bases. Findings are consistent with atypical infiltrates. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1156 11561044MOSEQ15000000004ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail There are bilateral interstitial infiltrates within both lungs. Interval improvement is observed. No alveolar consolidation or pleural effusion is noted. No acute osseous abnormality is detected. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1156 11561044MOSEQ15000000005ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Chronic interstitial fibrosis in lungs, especially on right side with suggestion of patchy infiltrates in both lower lobes, especially on the left side. No evidence of pleural effusions. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1161 11611029MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral lower lobe pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1167 11671228MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Finding suggesting central bronchitis with superimposed interstitial and alveolar edema/infiltrates CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1177 11771012MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Pulmonary artery embolus in the right lower lobe and aortic aneurysm CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1205 12051078MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail It was assessed as mild severity covid-19 pneumonia. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1209 12091014MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail there is icy glass appearance of the upper and down lobe of left lung CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1210 12101026MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail In both lungs, ground glass appearance and areas of increased density consistent with consolidation are observed. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1210 12101056MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail In all lobes of both lungs, mild and moderate ground glass densities were observed. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1210 12101056MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail non-homogeneous infiltration areas in the bilateral lower lobes CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1217 12171044MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Report result: COVID-19 category 2; prevalent peripheral ground glass density of the bilateral lung. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1220 12201063MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail mild bilateral pulmonary infiltrates CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1221 12211002MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Small patchy density in R Upper lobe, likely inflammatory/infectious with minor bibasilar subsegmental ateletasis; R coronary atherosclerosis vs. stent CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1223 12231097MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail increased streaky opacities at the rt lung base, trace left pleural effusion. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1223 12231252MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail SMALL bilateral pleural effusion and bibasilar opacity CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1226 12261216MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Rare and discrete ground-glass pulmonary opacities, predominantly peripheral and posterior, greater extension in the lower lobes. Findings compatible with viral pneumonia. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1226 12261219MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pulmonary involvement in about 20%. Exam is not available. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1226 12261219MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Pulmonary impairment of 25%. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1226 12261366MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen and pelvis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1226 12261581MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Ground-glass, focal, bilateral opacities, predominantly peripheral and peribronovascular with pulmonary involvement < 25%. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1226 12261976MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Viral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12311014MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Multiple opacities with ground glass density distributed in both hemithoraxes are evidenced, compromising the subpleural lung parenchyma, compatible with a viral inflammatory process. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12311531MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail multiple pseudonodular opacities in ground glass with a tendency to coalescence, predominantly diffuse distribution, multilobar and bilateral. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12311793MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Diagnosed bilateral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12311985MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Adenomegaly is not observed at the level of the mediastinum. Cardiac silhouette within normal limits. There is no evidence of pleural or pericardial effusion. (continue in comments) CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312119MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail ground glass images of peripheral and central distribution involving bilateral upper, lower and middle lobe CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312130MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral pulmonary infiltrates CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312372MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailCERVICAL SPINE CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312372MOSEQ15000000002METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail ECG CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312372MOSEQ15000000003METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail DOPPLER ECHOCARDIOGRAM CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312372MOSEQ15000000004ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral interstitial infiltrate predominantly right CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312372MOSEQ15000000005ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral interstitial infiltrate predominantly right CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312572MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Pulmonary parenchymal infiltrates in the middle and lower fields of both lung beaches. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312623MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail slight infiltrate in the right lung field CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312635MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail heterogeneous diffuse opacity involving both lungs, bilateral pleural effusion. Mediastinic adenopathies CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312914MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Right lung base abnormal. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312914MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Right lung base infiltration. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12312982MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail right lung consolidation CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313090MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Multiple rounded interstitial infiltrates in both upper lobes, predominantly in the upper right lobe, in the periphery of the ipsilateral lower lobe, lateral segment and lower lingular segment CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313267MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail increased attenuation in ground glass suggesting pulmonary infection of viral etiology. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313267MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral ground glass patchy areas of increased attenuation. Signs of bilateral centrilobular and paraseptal emphysema, predominantly the latter. Bilateral fibro-scar-like pleuroparenchymal tracts. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313422MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral peripheral pneumonic infiltrate CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313422MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral cottony infiltrates are observed with effacement of the right phrenic cost sinus CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313422MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral cottony infiltrate CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313422MOSEQ15000000004ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral pulmonary parenchymal infiltrate with imaging improvement with respect to previous ones CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313422MOSEQ15000000005ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral interstitial infiltrates unchanged from previous images CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313422MOSEQ15000000006ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral interstitial infiltrate CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313437MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail presence of two small perirenal abscesses CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313437MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313437MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Presence of two small perirenal abscesses CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313437MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313674MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Ground glass opacities in both centrally distributed lung fields. Multiple adenopathies in the adenomegalic range at the precarial and prevascular level and in both axillary holes.Panlobular emphysemaCRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313697MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Reticular opacifications compatible with pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Hepatic steatosis, degenerative changes in the lumbar spine. At L2-L3 and L3-L4 level with bone erosions on platforms. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen and pelvis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Degenerative vertebrodiscal changes with greater involvement in L2-L3 and L3-L4. Irregularity in the vertebral platforms, bone erosions. Central and right posterolateral L3-L4 disc extrusion. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailcolumn CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000003LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000004ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Hypertrophy of the basal interventricular septum (13 mm). LV ejection fraction estimated at 55% CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000005ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Increased bone edema of the adjacent vertebral platforms. Anterior epidural collection with cranial extension to the dorsal and caudal spine not visible in previous study. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313730MOSEQ15000000005LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailcolumn CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313837MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdominal CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313881MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Mild diffuse thickening of the bronchial walls, of probable inflammatory origin. Infiltrates of ground glass density are identified in the mantle region of both lungs...(continue in comments) CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313895MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail subpleural bilateral pneumonic infiltrate CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12313925MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail interstitial pneumonia in the right lung CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314075MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailpancreatic hepato biliary CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314110MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Parietal thickening in the distal third of the sigmoid colon with associated diverticulosis throughout the sigmoid CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314110MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailpelvis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314110MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pulmonary bases with interstitial involvement in posterior sacs CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314110MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314414MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail findings that could correspond to a canalicular infectious-inflammatory process with extension to the alveolar space. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314455MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Tomography report is awaited CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314494MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314563MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Parenchymal consolidation with peripheral ground glass opacities in the middle lobe, in both basal lobes and in subpleural topography, all consistent with an inflammatory-infectious proccess CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314584MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailKidney CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314681MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Adenomegaly in both axillary hollows. 5mm nodular image of subpleural location in the right diaphragmatic dome. 2mm subpleural nodule at the level of the external basal segment of the left lower lobe CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314681MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Axillary adenomegaly persists. Increase in the number and size of central and peripheral ground glass areas that affect both lung fields. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314759MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Ground glass opacities are observed affecting both hemithorax with multilobal involvement with a predominance of lower lobes. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314759MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral laminar pleural effusion with a left predominance and signs of adjacent passive atelectasis. Ground glass patterning density in lower lobes CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314776MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Findings compatible with pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314864MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314864MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Cervical spine rectification CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314864MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailCervical spine CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314885MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Liver of usual shape and size, regular borders, homogeneous parenchymal structure. Diffuse steatosis There was no intra or extrahepatic biliary ectasia (continue in comments)... CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314885MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12314898MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Diffuse bilateral ground glass infiltrate, strengthening of the bronchial meshwork, left lung opacity in the middle and posterior lobe CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315022MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral ground glass infiltrate, without consolidation and without pleural effusion. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315081MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315081MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Left perirenal fat stranding CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315081MOSEQ15000000003LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315223MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Mild left pleural effusion. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315324MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail bilateral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315324MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail viral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315335MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Chest CT Scan without intravenous contrast. Main tracheobronchial tree with preserved caliber and patency. Multiple infiltrative "ground glass" opacities of diffuse patchy distribution. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315335MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Chest computed tomography angiography examination with intravenous contrast and protocol for PET. Images of endovascular filling defect suggestive of pulmonary thromboembolism are not identified. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315335MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Comparative study with the one carried out on 09 MAR 2021, currently observing an increase in the "ground glass" type areas already described, with the appearance of isolated subpleural bands. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315632MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Basal fibrosis tracts with small left consolidation.The radiografy study is referred by the volunteer. The result of the epicrisis does not appear. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315632MOSEQ15000000003ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Thickening of the parietal pericardium and occupation of the pericardial space with a structure of heterogeneous density CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315632MOSEQ15000000003LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailHeart CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1231 12315632MOSEQ15000000004ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Moderate pericardial effusion and left pleural effusion associated with atelectasis of the underlying segments CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1235 12351025MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1235 12351071MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Minimal bibasilar infiltrates CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1241 12412191MOSEQ15000000002LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailVertebral arteries CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1241 12412191MOSEQ15000000002METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail CT angiography CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1241 12412191MOSEQ15000000004LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailCarotid arteries CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1241 12412191MOSEQ15000000004METHOTH Imaging Method Other Detail CT angiography CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1247 12471092MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral patchy ground glass infiltrates CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1252 12521010MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail An enlarged heart CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1252 12521011MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Coarsened interstitium with nodular right lower lung density CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1254 12541014MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Nonspecific colitis possibly pancolitis. Multiple sub centimeter non obstructing right renal stones. Multiple bladder stones. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1254 12541014MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen and Pelvis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1260 12601075MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail acute appendicitis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1260 12601075MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailabdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1264 12641186MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment Detailfoot CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1269 12691140MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 1270 12701057MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail CT POSITIVE FOR ACUTE PUMONARY EMBOLISM CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441371MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441371MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral pneumonia CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441382MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail consolidation of parenchyma of the middle lobe of the right lung. Image interpreted as pneumonia. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441382MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail In the airspace evaluated, ground glass infiltrates are observed that compromise the segment lateral medial lobe and basal segment of the right upper lobe, with areas of thickening of the interlobula CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441447MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Subject referred: opacity in the lung, but no definitive report is available CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441470MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Parenchymal consolidation with anterior and lingular segment air bronchogram of the left upper lobe suggestive of an inflammatory / infectious process, correlate clinically. (continue in comments) CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441550MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral pleural effusion, predominantly right. Consolidative opacity is observed in both lung bases with the presence of an air bronchogram in its interior, predominantly on the left CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441634MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Migrated in shape, size and conserved ecostructure. Non-dilated intra- and extrahepatic bile duct. Gallbladder with slightly thickened walls. (continue in comments) CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441634MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441752MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail acute bronchitis CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441985MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral ground glass opacities, compatible with infectious-inflammatory process. Hiatal hernia. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44441985MOSEQ15000000002ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Bilateral ground glass opacities, suggestive of COVID-19 disease. CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44442056MOSEQ15000000001ASPECIFYOverall Assessment Detail Nodule in the right thyroid lobe as a finding CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44442056MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailSoft parts CRF C4591001MOC4591001 4444 44442275MOSEQ15000000001LOCOTH Location of Assessment DetailAbdomen CRF